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Garage Door Automation in Randburg

New Garage Door Motor

Wendy got an email from a client in Randburg asking us to please help because they cannot get anyone to repair and automate a 2.75m high wooden sectional garage door. Wendy made an appointment at a time and date convenient for the client, for myself (Franz), Fabian and Christopher to go to the client for an evaluation of the garage door to see what repairs needed to be done to the sectional garage door.

Anyone can install a garage door motor but to do the garage door automation correctly, you need FGM Automation to do the work. We here at FGM Automation have been installing new garage door motors on sectional and tip up garage doors since 2002.

We only install garage door motors from manufacturers that we can trust with good quality garage door motors, and if something goes wrong, offering efficient backup service.

We get calls daily from clients in Randburg requesting FGM Automation to automate their garage doors. Being certified installers and repairers of Digidoor and Centurion Systems gives you that extra piece of mind that you are dealing with professionals.

What we found

We arrived at the client’s property in Randburg within the scheduled timeframe as arranged with the client by Wendy and did a thorough inspection of the sectional garage door.

We found the garage door’s wooden panels still in very good condition, but the mechanism needed a lot of attention. The client also wanted to add an extra panel to the bottom of the door to be able to open the door to 2.75m high. For this we had to lift the whole door 250mm and replace the vertical tracks with longer ones, order special springs and longer cables.


Wendy sent the client a quotation and a detailed report on what was found in need of attention on the garage door and what will be done to the garage door when we install the extra panel. The quotation and report were sent to the client the same day.

The client accepted the quotation immediately, Wendy ordered the springs (that had to be specially made up to accommodate the weight and size of the garage door), cables and tracks and made an appointment at a time and date that was convenient for the client, although keeping the lead times of the ordered equipment in mind, for FGM Automation to do the repairs, install the extra panel and automate the client’s garage door.


Myself (Franz), Fabian and Christopher arrived at the client’s property with all the required equipment, within the timeframe and day arranged with the client to do the repairs, add the extra panel and automate the client’s 2.75m high sectional garage door.

All work was completed in the timeframe communicated to the client. See the video of the door.

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