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Securing your driveway gate

Gate vulnerability

Around 85% of home invasions are done by gaining entry to the property through the driveway gate. Many unsuspecting homeowners think that their property is safe with electric fence on the parameter wall and alarm beams and lights in the garden around the house. Little do they know that their entry point to the property could be extremely unsecure.

Wendy got a call from a client in Randburg. The client wants FGM Automation to evaluate their sliding gate’s vulnerability.

An appointment was made at a time and date convenient for the client, for myself (Franz), Fabian and Christopher to do an evaluation on how secure their sliding gate is.

We arrived at the client’s property on the day and within the time frame arranged with the client to do the evaluation of his driveway gate’s security.


The client has a 5 meter long sliding gate consisting of a square tubing frame and rectangular tubing uprights in the frame about 100mm apart. A Centurion D5 Evo is installed to open and close the gate with steel rack. The gate design made it easy for anyone to put their hands through the gate to tamper with the gate motor or rack on the gate.

What we found
  • The steel rack that is welded on to the gate with pieces of angle iron has a gap between the gate and the rack, and the gap is not covered.
  • The gate can be lifted off the track at the gate motor side.
  • The gate can be lifted off the track on the opposite side of the gate motor on the closing side.
  • No gate guide was installed on the closing side of the gate.

These points where discussed with the client including the reasons why they needed to be addressed.

The client asked for a quotation to be sent to him, for us to secure his gate as per our onsite discussion.

That same day Wendy sent the client a report detailing everything that was discussed on the day of the inspection and needed to be done to secure his driveway sliding gate. Wendy also sent a detailed quotation to the client to see what will be done and the costs involved.

Two days later the client accepted the quotation and Wendy made an appointment on a day and time that suited the client for FGM Automation to secure the client’s sliding driveway gate.


Myself, Christopher and Fabian arrived at the clients property on the day and in the time frame communicated to the client with all equipment necessary to complete the work as per quotation.

All work as per quotation was completed withing the time given to the client. The client was shown what work was done to his driveway gate and how this improved the security. The client was happy with the work we did and referred us to two more homeowners in the street his property is located in.

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