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Electric Fence COC in Sandton

COC inspection request

In each of these posts I’ll give some important information that we look for when doing an electric fence COC inspection.

A client in Sandton contacted FGM Automation, requesting us to inspect the electric fence installation at their property in Sandton, because they required an electric fence certificate of compliance before the sale of their property will go through.

Wendy made an appointment at a time and date convenient for the client, for myself (Franz), Fabian and Christopher to go do the electric fence compliance inspection. We got to the property in Sandton within the scheduled time frame as arranged with the client and did a thorough inspection of the electric fence which is a combination of freestanding/piggyback and a wall top electric fence installation. The inspection took about 25 minutes to complete. The inspection includes a full test of the energizer and testing the battery inside the energizer.

What we found
  • Electric fence energizer was not working
  • Keypad was not working
  • Not enough warning signs on the fence
  • Siren was broken
  • No strobe light installed
  • Energizer was not earthed
  • Excessive rust on the fence wires
  • Fence earthing was not adequate

A detailed electric fence inspection report was sent to the client within 24 hours from the inspection of the electric fence installation in Sandton, explaining our findings and recommendations to get the electric fence installation to comply with SANS 10222-3:2012.
Accompanying the report was a quotation for the work that needed to be done on the fence and information on how much time we will need to do the work on the fence.
The client accepted and Wendy arranged an appropriate time and date that suits the client, for us to go back to their property and implement the changes to the electric fence as per quotation.


We arrived at the client’s property in the scheduled time and on the date arranged.

We replaced all the electric fence wire on the fence because the existing fence wire was rusted badly. The electric fence brackets had minimal rust on them, so we sanded and painted where required. The client opted for a new electric fence energizer and keypad, instead of repairing the existing unit, which was installed at the correct height. A strobe light and siren were installed at the appropriate positions and an earth mat was added for the energizer. Warning signs and earth spikes where place at the correct distances apart on the electric fence.
We tested the electric fence in the presence of the client and checked that the client understood how the electric fence works and knows how to operate the keypad to activate/deactivate and reset the electric fence energizer.

All work as per quotation was completed within the timeframe set out in our communication to the client. Return voltage on the electric fence was 7.8kv. The contents of the electric fence certificate of compliance was explained to the client, signed and handed over.

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