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Electric fence energizer repairs

Broken Electric Fence Energizer in Randburg
COC inspection request

A client in Randburg contacted FGM Automation, requesting us to book an appointment for us to inspect their electric fence installation as it was no longer working. Wendy made an appointment at a time and date convenient for the client, for myself (Franz), Fabian and Christopher to go and see what the problem is with the electric fence installation.

We arrived at the client’s property in Randburg within the scheduled timeframe as arranged with the client and did a thorough inspection of the electric fence. Fabian and Christopher started inspecting the wall top electric fence and I started testing the energizer. We have found this to be the most time efficient method to do electric fence repairs, saving the client on labour costs.

What we found

The energizer did not want to switch on, so I removed the cover of the energizer to inspect the components inside and found what is on the picture to the right.

The energizer was damaged beyond repair. The technician that worked on the electric fence before FGM Automation was requested to assists, replaced the fuse in the energizer with an aluminium ferrule. This caused the pc board in the electric fence energizer to sustain substantial damage when the fuse could not be blown. The battery got hot and cracked at the same time and leaked on the components inside the energizer. I notified the client with our findings. The energizer was stripped to the shell and each component was tested and we found that the energizer would have cost more to repair than to replace it with a new energizer.


Wendy sent the client a report the same day, detailing the findings on the energizer and two quotations including our recommendations, one for repairs and one for a new energizer, giving the client the option to decide the way forward. The new energizer also included us issuing a certificate of compliance on the electric fence installation.

With Fabian and Christopher inspecting the wall top electric fence installation while I was busy with the energizer, gave us a good idea of the condition of the rest of the fence and we could advise the client of any additional work that needed to be done on the electric fence.


The client opted for a new electric fence energizer and Wendy again made an appointment at a time and date convenient for the client for FGM Automation to install the new electric fence energizer and make the electric fence installation compliant to be able to issue the client with a COC on his electric fence installation.

Although the client already new how the electric fence operates, we went through all the work that we performed on the electric fence installation, we triggered the fence, showed the client how to reset the energizer, how to switch the energizer on and off, we went through the maintenance schedule for the electric fence and also showed the client what the return voltage is on the electric fence.

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