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Garage Door Repairs in Randburg

Garage Door Repairs

A call came through from a client in Randburg requesting urgent garage door repairs. The power to the property was out due to load shedding and with the motor not built with battery backup, the client had to manually open the garage door and pushed the garage door to far in the open direction.

Wendy made an appointment for myself and the team to attend to the client's garage door the same day, after we completed our confirmed appointments for the day.

We here at FGM Automation have a system that we strictly follow. All work, except for emergency repairs, are confirmed with the respective clients by email or WhatsApp, at least a day in advance. We work on a set minimum appointment time of 1.5 hours per appointment, including traveling time. This system has aided FGM Automation for many years to be a reliable garage door repairs company. We will not “squeeze a quick job in” if we are running on schedule and do not have extra time in the day to do extra work.

This specific day, we had the extra time and could assist the client with the emergency garage door repairs. Wendy continuously kept the client up to date via WhatsApp with our progress during the day and approximate time of arrival at his property. This helped putting the client at ease, knowing that we will definitely get to his property that day.

We finished at our last set appointment for the day and Wendy let the client know that we are on our way to his property with an approximate time of arrival to do the garage door repairs.

What I found

On our arrival we found the door hanging to the one side due to the torsion cable on the one side of the garage door unwinding from the cable drum and tangled around the torsion tube.

This garage door has not been serviced in many years and the torsion springs lost some tension. Due to the loss of tension in the torsion springs, the torsion cables on the sides of the garage door came off the cable drums and tangled around the torsion tube.

Repairing the garage door

We have done MANY garage door repairs on sectional garage doors in this position. A big influencing factor on the time we spend on the sectional garage door repairs is if an unskilled person tried to fix the door and failed. The work on this door was completed within an hour, which included a garage door service.

After we finished the garage door repairs, I asked the client to inspect the work we did, and I also showed him exactly what we did on the garage door. I also explained to the client what was done when we did the garage door service.

Another happy client

FGM Automation gained another happy client. We are scheduled to do a garage door service annually for the client.

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