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Garage Door Repairs in Johannesburg


Date posted: 20 February 2020

Garage Door Repairs

Wendy got a call from a client in Craighall Park, Johannesburg regarding the way their garage door opens and closes. The garage door installation is quite new, but the client is not happy with the way the sectional garage door opens and closes and the door is giving constant problems.

After discussing the problem with me that the client has with his garage door installation, Wendy contacted the client on the same day the client contacted her to set up an appointment at a time and on a day convenient for the client, for me to go and inspect the garage door installation.

What I found

I arrived within the time frame of the appointment that Wendy setup with the client, on the day arranged. The garage door is a standard height Corotex sectional garage door that was installed in a carport that was converted into a garage. There was a stationary sectional garage door panel mounted to the top part of the frame of the carport to cover the gap above the garage door between the roof and the top of the garage door when the garage door is closed.

On the garage door, the top panel of the garage door had a set of low headroom brackets installed due to the inefficient amount of headroom available between the top of the garage door when closed and the roof of the garage. These low headroom brackets work well in most cases but in this case as you can see on the video, did not work so well and has already caused damage to the top panel of the garage door installation.

my recommendation

I recommended to the client that we remove the low headroom brackets from the garage door installation’s top panel and install a double track system for his garage door, which will allow for much smoother operation of the garage door when opening and closing, which in turn puts less strain on his garage door motor.

Wendy sent the client a quotation that same day to convert his garage door from using low headroom brackets to a double track system as discussed with the client. The client accepted immediately and paid in full even before we set up an appointment.

Wendy contacted the client to set up an appointment on a day and time that was convenient for the client for myself (Franz), Fabian and Christopher to go and do the garage door conversion from low headroom brackets to a double track system.


We arrived at the client’s property on the day and within the timeframe arranged with the client, and did the work as per quotation and discussion with the client when I did the on-site inspection of the garage door installation in Craighall Park, Johannesburg.

After we converted the garage door to a double track system, we also serviced the rest of the garage door and the garage door motor to make sure that the rest of the garage door and garage door motor is still in a good working condition.

After we finished the conversion, I asked the client to inspect the work we did, and I also showed him exactly what we did on the garage door. FGM Automation gained another happy client. We are now also servicing the client’s other caravan size garage door on an annual basis, service and repair his electric fence, maintain his CCTV installation and maintain his two gate motors.

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