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Garage Door Service

Let FGM Automation do a garage door service on your garage door to keep it and the garage door motor operating safely and smoothly for a prolonged period. We have thousands of clients who we visit on an annual basis to service their garage door/s, reducing the risk of the garage door and garage door motor malfunctioning when you least expect it.

Many say they can service a garage door but all they do is empty a can of silicone spray on your garage door and motor. Only FGM Automation does it properly, as it should be done.


"Kelly H.

FGM Automation are great service providers with professional advice and solutions for your garage door repairs and general maintenance. They are now my go to Automation company."

"Thank you so much for you excellent service. My garage door was fixed this morning. I really appreciate your fast response to me and keeping me up to date about my request.
Your excellent service and efficient manner you have dealt with me is much appreciated.
Thank you

"Terence T.

I have been using Franz and Wendy from FGM Automation for 5-6 years now. They are extremely professional, assist when called upon and provide fantastic after sales service."

"Thank you for the quick response - no wonder people write such nice testimonials about your company!!


"Ingrid S.

I have used this friendly and highly competent owner-managed company for both garage door motor and electric fence installations. My experience of them has been only positive, with fair pricing, good quality workmanship and materials and attention to detail."

"Thank you for the great service. The garage door is working the best that it has since it was installed. I will be sure to get you guys out again.


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